starter recipesStarter

"One of my favourite things of a meal is the "Before Meal", the Starters. I love fresh Mozzarella on a toasted Bread, a drop of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and some Fresh Basil. This is heaven to me."

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main course recipesMain course

"Italian Food is what I've studied and perfected in the last 35 years, but experimenting is something I do with great pleasure."

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risotto recipesRisotto

Risotto in Italy is a big big deal. I love it, but often I enjoy a little twist. Is that a sin? I don't think so, as far as it is tasty... I simply go with it!

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soup recipesSoup

Soups are not only for winter, but summer too.

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second course recipesSecond course

Wonderful Second Course Recipes! Steak, soft potatoes and very carefully placed vegetable of any kind!

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pizza recipesPizza

Pizza is "Naples". The place I come from. There is no better explanation. Simplicity at its best.

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sandwich recipesSandwich

Delicious wraps, toasties and sandwich recipes to spice up your lunch box, find fun an easy lunchbox fillers which don't break the bank!

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sauce recipesSauce

From Pesto Sauce to Pizza, Italian Sauces are so much important. Make it wrong and you will risk to mess everything up. Follow my recipes and you'll be fine.

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cake recipesCake

Crostata with Jam is probably the most famous cake. But many don't know that Lemon or Chocolate Cake ar huge in Italy too. Find out what else you don't know.

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dessert recipesDessert

Tiramisu, Panna Cotta... who hasn't tried these super famous desserts simply means they haven't been born yet.

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